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Cocktails & Wine

Our cocktails....sampled all over Europe by our clients, from the sun in Cannes

to the crispness of Norway.

From the Frozen Rose to the Earl Grey Martini,

Champagne to the Gevrey Chambertain,

our sommeliers and flair cocktail barmen source, create and develop them all.


Our cocktail selection is extensive and

includes the classics:


Passion Fruit Martini

Tom Collins

Strawberry Daquiri

Espresso Martini

Champagne Cocktail

Amaretto Sour


We can prepare cocktail lists to order,

for example,

Our Summer 2021 Miami Vice Themed Cocktails

Miami Vice

Bacardi, Lime, Coconut & Pineapple


Gin, Crème de Mure, Tonic


Rum, Pineapple, Coconut

Miami Sunrise

Tequila, Orange, Grenadine

Ferrari Daytona

Vodka, Coffee, Baileys

Cadillac 64

Raspberry, Champagne, Lime



Wines are sourced for each individual event to match the exact specification of each client.

We do not buy vast quantities of house wine,

we purchase on demand.

Our service is for and all about our clients.


Our sommelier is very experienced and will be able to pick the ideal wine for your party and because we are not tied to a single supplier, we buy from anywhere we choose.


Please ask to see our wines for Summer 2021.