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Cookery Lessons


I put the simplicity into home entertaining and

will work with you to improve your confidence and knowledge to deliver your own outstanding dinner parties.   

It's fun and you'll learn plenty of tips and tricks. 

This also makes a lovely gift.

You will learn a refined skill set and more importantly, I will open your mind to the culinary world.


We do our lessons in any way to suit you.

Individuals or a group, no matter how we do them, people learn and develop.

If a lesson interests you, 

it all starts with a discussion... what do you want to achieve.   From here, 

we create a single lesson or several lessons to get you to the point you desire, and you will be brimming with confidence.

 For a group lesson you choose a menu you would like me to prepare in front of yourselves.

All through this event you ask questions, practice techniques and understand the value of fresh seasonal produce.

I create the perfect menu chosen by your selves and as the lesson draws to a close then we invite your partners in to eat the menu. 

This makes an amazing gift.