Updated: Mar 16

Over the last 5 week's, it actually seems really strange thats its only 5 week a few of us got together to have some in me teaching people how to cook remotely,

the word spread and spread at one point we was doing 90 or so deliveries which is a million miles away from our first dozen people who had deliveries but it does not really stop there,

We have people joining in the cookalongs from New York, Talin, Geneva, Moscow, and France,

In the UK we have had people join us from Glasgow, Manchester, Derby, Leicester, Monmouth, Somerset, Barcelona, Sydney and many more

Its been amazing, Overwhelming how much people have enjoyed this

we have everyone from children through to grandparents in there 80's all cooking along together and having fun. and more importantly learning new skills, in a easy to learn environment,

Even though some of the 90 minute cookalong where actually taking 2 hours in lock down there was no pressure to finish at all.

So far all that joined and participated have learned so much and had fun doing so,

thank you from

Me, Nigel

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