How To Plan Your Dinner Party Menu

With Boris Johnson expected to make a few changes to lockdown restrictions next Monday (May 11th), it’s highly possible that you may be able to start planning your next big dinner party for friends and family a bit sooner than you might have thought!

So now’s the time to start thinking about what you might like to cook up for a celebratory meal to mark the end of lockdown and the start of new beginnings for you and your loved ones.

But it can be quite tricky to put a successful menu together and it’s certainly something you should take your time over and really think long and hard about before you hit the shops to stock up on lots of delicious ingredients.

A good dinner party menu will balance flavours, temperatures, textures and colours on each plate, but also take the season into account when thinking about what to serve. If it’s summer and hot outside, perhaps don’t have the oven on for hours but go for something lighter like grilled meat and fish, with some simple salads and veggie side dishes to pair them with.

Decide what you want to serve as your main dish and then build the starters and puddings around this, as this will be your principal flavour profile.

Take a look at the BBC Good Food website for some other helpful tips, such as resisting the temptation to cook something you have no experience of. Always go for something you’re confident with and don’t try a recipe out for the first time if you’re having friends and family over for a delicious meal. You want it all to go perfectly, after all!

Alternatively, call us to lend a hand if you’d rather sort out a private chef in London for your dinner party!

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