Our Top Tips For Pairing Wine With Food

A key part of dinner party success is making sure that you’re serving the right kinds of wine with the food you’re planning on impressing friends and family with. It might sound simple but it can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The basics, however, are quite simple to get your head around, so with a little bit of reading and research you’ll be able to make sure you’re pouring the right wines based on what food you have on the table.

Firstly, you need to make sure that if you’re serving red meat that you’re pairing it with a red wine, while if you have fish or chicken on the menu you should be pouring white. However, aim to match your wine with the sauce, rather than the meat itself.

Your wines should also be both sweeter and more acidic than what’s on your plate. Red wines are typically more bitter, while white, rose and sparkling tipples have more acidity. Sweet wines, as you might expect, have more sweetness to them.

It might be worth having a read of this article on the Cordon Bleu website, featuring some solid wine-pairing advice from wine development manager Matthieu Longuere. If you love Indian or Chinese food, he suggests using an off-dry Riesling if there are lots of spices in your curry, while drinks made in a Germanic style go very well with Asian food.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that Mr Longuere believes that there are no mistakes when it comes to wine and food pairing. If you find a drink doesn’t go with a dish, don’t look at it as a mistake - view it as helping you with future decisions when you make the same meal in the future.

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