Sustainability - A Lasting Trend For Food

With talk of climate change a daily occurrence now and the impact that human activity is having on the planet becoming increasingly apparent, no doubt there are countless out there among you now looking at how you can improve your carbon footprint in various areas of your life.

Any event can be planned with sustainability at the very forefront and, in fact, building your event around this concept can result in a very interesting and unique affair.

But how to go about it? What does sustainability actually mean from a food perspective? Thinking seasonally can help you improve your green credentials when it comes to what’s on your plate, as this means you can enjoy homegrown produce that hasn’t been flown in from far off climes.

Shopping locally is also another way to be more sustainable in your approach to your table and you’ll be helping to support your local businesses as well, which will always be welcome.

And building positive relationships with local suppliers in your area will help you to gain a deeper understanding of food in general and the ingredients that are used to make up what we eat.

Veganism is certainly proving very appealing as a lifestyle change for increasing numbers at the moment and eating less meat is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint, so perhaps bear this in mind when you come to devise your first sustainable menu for an upcoming event.

Putting the focus on vegetables, pulses, beans and nuts doesn’t mean your menus will be limited… in fact, quite the opposite! If you’d like any help bringing together sustainable food concepts and are looking for a private chef in London for your next dinner party, get in touch with us today.

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