Premier League Stadia

Our Brief

To work with a team of chefs and consultants to create a cutting edge concept design for both food and beverage within a stadium, with ability to flex between Premiership Football and American Football.


To facilitate and develop concepts per area, understanding genres, type of spend and how to add-on sales.  Understanding customer flows throughout the building and pinch points at peak periods.


The Result

  • To create an offer that could sustain itself for 12 months a year, not just within the football season.  Achieved by creating some exterior restaurants to the stadium that the general public can access.

  • Create a range of unique concepts and themes, different to the  worlds other leading stadia.  For example, a glass tunnel with the steak bar either side; the fine cheese and port room.

  • Create a kitchen facility that will produce everything in-house, from pies to burgers through to fine dining.

  • Introduce the idea of using Michelin starred chefs to create pop-up restaurants for the directors and special guests, therefore the offer will always be changing.

  • Introduction of a state of the art banqueting facility, so the stadium can deliver large functions easily and adequately within the structure of the building.


Service Provided

  • Kitchen Design Consultancy

  • Concept Design 

  • Think Tank Organisation

  • BOH Kitchen System Development

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