The O2

Our Brief

To create a concept within the stadia, that will genre flex per show to increase profitability.

Our Role

To understand how the business works and flexes, how the customer experience works, understand transaction rate and ability to work effectively under extreme pressure. 




The Result

  • Created a Kitchen/Bar that was able to flex per show with menu of core items that would suit the genre of any particular show.  Also worked on the speed of service, maximising transaction times and importantly creating enough stock holding that the units were self containing.

  • A £1m budget to create 2 identical kitchens on either side of the arena with digital displays that are able to create effective food and beverage promotions.

  • Increased turnover by 28% over a calendar year, staff numbers decreased dramatically due to the re-worked menu, optimised transaction times. 

  • Customer satisfaction increased 3 fold with a healthy social media feed.


Service  Provided

  • Kitchen and Bar Development

  • Menu Engineering

  • Conceptual Design

  • Kitchen Design

  • Customer Flow Planning